Replacement of furnace tube plate,



      Replacement of furnace tube plate, steam space tube plate and all rifle tubes on the boiler SAACKE K/KD 1,8+1,3/7
Damaged rifle tubes, furnace tube plate and steam space tube plate replaced with new preassembled tube nest which consists of the following parts: 57 pcs. Rifle tubes Ø44,5x3,0x1850mm; P235GH, 16 pcs. Stay tubes Ø44,5x5,0x1855mm; P235GH, 1 pc. Upper tube plate (steam space tube plate) Ø614x10mm; P265GH, 1 pc. Lower tube plate Ø1358x22mm; P265GH, delivered in three (3) parts. One part of furnace tube plate diameter Ø614mm is fitted on pre-assembled tube nest and two outer parts are supplied as loose parts.

20230110_085524.jpg (333037 B)   20230110_085558.jpg (363255 B)
20230110_085626.jpg (282848 B)   20230110_111207.jpg (364783 B)
20230110_142900.jpg (318850 B)   20230110_142956.jpg (284237 B)
20230110_142959.jpg (343483 B)   20230110_143141.jpg (458908 B)
20230111_094437.jpg (172209 B)   20230111_094503.jpg (445401 B)
20230111_110304.jpg (322984 B)   20230111_110354.jpg (282256 B)
20230112_083413.jpg (481976 B)   20230112_083453.jpg (323580 B)
20230112_091623.jpg (345383 B)   20230112_112207.jpg (424308 B)
20230112_112539.jpg (442258 B)   20230112_112630.jpg (348870 B)
20230112_115011.jpg (321913 B)   20230112_115105.jpg (394687 B)
20230112_141017.jpg (229250 B)   20230112_145437.jpg (432586 B)
20230112_145528.jpg (175232 B)   20230112_170600.jpg (457405 B)
20230112_170714.jpg (456045 B)   20230112_170805.jpg (269031 B)
20230112_170849.jpg (370928 B)   20230112_170902.jpg (293585 B)
20230112_193735.jpg (368801 B)   20230112_193922.jpg (476420 B)
20230113_074352.jpg (333134 B)   20230113_074508.jpg (196754 B)
20230113_092934.jpg (430206 B)   20230113_093154.jpg (308339 B)
20230113_112511.jpg (256386 B)   20230113_135318.jpg (238594 B)
20230113_140313.jpg (321488 B)   20230113_153818.jpg (287449 B)
20230113_172131.jpg (338021 B)   20230114_074647.jpg (289972 B)
Installation of new furnace tube plate inserts and tack welding – lower tube plate (thickness 22mm).
20230114_074758.jpg (522333 B)   20230114_085444.jpg (385539 B)
Installation of pre-assembled tube nest inside the boiler and tack welding.
20230114_113800.jpg (297422 B)   20230115_115713.jpg (322398 B)
Tack welding inside combustion chamber.
20230114_171448.jpg (416336 B)   20230114_113854.jpg (328118 B)
20230115_114329.jpg (288957 B)   20230115_170614.jpg (394624 B)
Welding of steam space tube plate to the steam space shell.
20230115_170605.jpg (377927 B)   20230115_091048.jpg (401028 B)
20230115_170629.jpg (375034 B)   20230115_170634.jpg (339421 B)
Welds inside steam space on the furnace shell.
20230116_074926.jpg (351070 B)   20230117_105540.jpg (223075 B)
Final welding work in the burner chamber   Closing hand holes and preparing the boiler for hydraulic test.
20230118_123329.jpg (269003 B)   20230118_123758.jpg (310335 B)
Magnetic test.
20230118_130827.jpg (315815 B)   20230118_132409.jpg (360793 B)
20230118_133056.jpg (337478 B)   20230118_133237_02.jpg (413643 B)
Ultrasonic test.
20230117_105558.jpg (311689 B)   20230119_085317.jpg (353920 B)
20230119_085724.jpg (439694 B)   20230119_105441.jpg (270356 B)
Re-install of outlet smoke chamber on oil fired side.    
20230119_145149.jpg (262317 B)   20230119_155422.jpg (414444 B)
Re-install exhaust gas pipe from oil fired section on the boiler top side.    
20230119_155515.jpg (332006 B)   20230207_135123.jpg (162461 B)

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