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Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) is a system designed to remove and destroy/inactive biological organisms (zooplankton, algae, bacteria) from ballast water. Ballast water treatment is still evolving technology with an ever-growing number of manufacturers.

     Type : ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT 1x 3000
    BWTS capacity: 3000 m³/h
    Max. power consumption: 337.23 kW
    Cooling Water flow: 4.5 m³/h

20200625_102418.jpg (353809 B)   IMG_20200626_082754.jpg (139379 B)
Cutting bulkheads between the hold and ER for filter transport.
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Automatic backwashing filter with nominal filtration capacity down 40μm.
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System equipment.   Removal water from ballast system.
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Foundations for devices.
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    Cutting ballast tubes for system changes.
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Transport of  transformers and setting up on foundations.
It’s the direct current power supply of the electrolyzers. The device transforms alternating current to low voltage direct current and is controllable via communication interface. The unit consists of modular power module 50V/2000A, which together with a control module to form a complete unit. The transformer/ rectifier is water cooled.
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Transport of  electrolyzers and setting up on foundations.
An electrochemical cell produces sodium hypochlorite from seawater and DC current; the capacity is maximum 6 ppm for the specific flow (m³/h) rating of the system.
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20200630_132733.jpg (457299 B)   20200630_132742.jpg (349741 B)
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20200701_083151.jpg (395326 B)   20200701_085721.jpg (332620 B)
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20200701_112842.jpg (290654 B)   20200701_154634.jpg (355979 B)
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20200704_104438.jpg (344677 B)   20200704_104443.jpg (310813 B)
The flow meter (FM) is the device which measures the flow rate of liquid medium at the outlet of the BWTS. The flow meter (FM) used at BWTS is electromagnetic type. This is the most reliable device for sea-water applications and installation on board of vessels where special conditions like vibrations exist.
20200705_085400.jpg (374595 B)   20200705_085602.jpg (298380 B)
20200705_150601.jpg (467650 B)   20200705_150827.jpg (367484 B)
20200705_151134.jpg (338024 B)   20200709_135446.jpg (402635 B)
20200706_162601.jpg (372238 B)   20200708_135333.jpg (407618 B)
20200702_161202.jpg (283624 B)   20200706_163119.jpg (281841 B)
20200708_140119.jpg (359195 B)   20200707_110810.jpg (312555 B)
20200711_133547.jpg (255102 B)   20200711_133530.jpg (317467 B)
The purpose of the Total Residual Oxidants or TRO sensors (TRO1 – TRO2) is to constantly measure Cl2 (TRO) in the ballast water during treatment and also during discharge. During ballasting the reading regulates the applied current on the electrodes. At the de- ballasting the reading drives the dosing rate of the neutralizing agent to maintain it at the MADC of 0.1 mg/L. For accurate measurements, the water being analysed should be free of coarse material, which in the case for ERMA FIRST FIT treated water, is free of particles larger than 40 microns.
20200707_155129.jpg (309832 B)   20200707_155045.jpg (297523 B)
20200709_085101.jpg (298525 B)   20200702_105008.jpg (292961 B)
New devices need a separate power supply with appropriate current protection.
20200708_153453.jpg (368834 B)   20200709_142103.jpg (272218 B)
20200709_142216.jpg (372580 B)   20200708_135907.jpg (320451 B)
20200711_105027.jpg (293619 B)   20200710_090544.jpg (388841 B)
Ballast system by-passes.
20200710_090940.jpg (295647 B)   20200711_083642.jpg (296355 B)
20200711_105035.jpg (266457 B)   20200711_162841.jpg (300007 B)
20200710_090845.jpg (354507 B)   20200711_133154.jpg (259759 B)
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20200712_132313.jpg (423141 B)   20200712_132527.jpg (429728 B)
Separate pump for emptying the AP   Installation of copper pipes for valve control.
20200712_154559.jpg (373105 B)   20200713_103535.jpg (265152 B)
20200716_160555.jpg (412491 B)   20200716_160559.jpg (356415 B)
BWTS system assembled
20200716_160613.jpg (405634 B)   20200716_160616.jpg (425817 B)
20200717_083647.jpg (306616 B)   20200717_083740.jpg (339945 B)
The first tests on the ballast pump showed several leaks.

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