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Preparation of ship structure elements 12 phot.
Segments of ship construction 34 phot.
Build of container ship from beginning 16 phot.
Ship segment transportation and auxiliary vehicles 11 phot./ 3 mov.
Building a new ship "VIONA" - Advanced start 25 phot.
Building of  "LMZ Nafsika" - Completion of the hull construction 15 phot.


Poland Gdynia - "Nauta" 16 phot.
Romania DMHI Mangalia 5 phot.
China Zhoushan Xinya Shipyard Co.,Ltd. - Qian'ao 15 phot.
Zesco 7 phot.
Cosco 18 phot.
Longshan 51 phot.
Xingang 12 phot.
Chengxi 14 phot.


Dry docking Single 14 phot. / 2 films
Docking Single 26 phot.


Repair of the hull after a collision with a rocky bottom 38 phot.
Bulb replacement 18 phot.
Sand blasting 20 phot./ 1 film
Painting the hull  Changxi China 14 phot.
Do not wash engine room before shipyard 24 phot.

Shipbuilding works during of repairs ships

Polska Walcząca Class suvey and repair 11 phot.
Generał Grot Rowecki Class suvey and repair 6 phot.
Irma Class suvey and repair 14 phot.
Delia Class suvey and repair 10 phot.
Orla Class suvey and repair 4 phot.
Isolda Class suvey and repair 16 phot.
Wadag Repair after running aground 8 phot.
Lake Erie Class suvey and repair 5 phot.
Lake Michigan Shipyard in China - Changxi 4 phot.
Pomorze Zachodnie Class suvey and repair 4 phot.
Ignacy Daszyński Hull and painting works 16 phot.
Deck repair - overlay 6 phot.
Dismantling of the hatch covers 15 phot.
Huta Zgoda Painting 12 phot.
Hull of a ship - hull plating repairs 7 phot.
Lake Superior Hull of a ship - hull plating repairs 10 phot.

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